Red Hot Devil slot

In October, Microgaming presented yet another novelty - a slot Red Hot Devil

Known among gamblers company Microgaming does not get tired to update your gaming collection. So recently, one of the leaders showed public slotostroeniya video confirming an ambulance premiere his latest news.

New slot-known manufacturer called Red Hot Devil, which eloquently alludes to the fact that the slot is designed in the spirit of the various temptations perverse and hot enough that you can walk to the fall. So it is not surprising that the role of the main character are assigned to the seductive beauty in scarlet leather attire.

The range of rates in the new slot is kept secret, but, given the name of the manufacturer, we can predict that there will be maximum in the range of $ 250-500. In the slot will present a set of 5 reels and 25 paylines. It is worth noting that this is not the first series of slots Microgaming, in which they went from All Ways system with its 243 payment options for all sizes. Championship here belongs to the line of So Much.

The rate in the new slot will be accepted only on all lines at once, so that the new product especially useful to those who often deals with wagering Free revolutions.

Red Hot Devil

As befits the slots of the manufacturer, the main surprises are lurking in the game option. At the same time the creators promise Novik really surprise fans excitement. For example, if the playing field will be a trio scatters campaign more, before the player choice bonus game there. In other words, it will be necessary to choose between three variants of it. The first - 10 free turns at a progressive factor x2 - x10. In all probability, the ratio will rise after two new turns, or by means of special image appearing in the game.

The second option is to be momentum going in the top three fully guaranteed "wild" reels. In other words, during each revolution of 9 of the 15 cells will be occupied by the "wild" symbols. Finally, the third option - a fiery wheel. But spin the wheel will not, and the player must take turns to choose from 10 of closed cells, which can be concealed behind the prize, stop character or multiplier.

NEW appears in gambling establishments in the next month.

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