Psycho slot

Released in 2015, this slot is definitely one of the biggest ones available at online casinos. This is a slot that many people love, especially because of the theme it has. It’s very important to mention the theme, and many players might already know what this slot is about. It’s definitely an amazing game that many players will love since it has a lot of advantages.

If someone is looking for a slot to play, then this is the one. It has a return to player of 95.57%, which is a great percentage. If a player wants to win on a slot, then this is the right one to win at. There are definitely all the conditions for a player to play on Psycho, a slot by Next Gen.

Psycho is definitely a slot that gathers a lot of excitement and it’s also a slot that players will play while being careful not be to scared. This slot is a partnership with Universal Studios and is based on the movie from Alfred Hitchcock called Psycho, that’s very popular.

Although there are a lot of slots and there are always new slots being developed, there are always some slots that are highly popular. Psycho is one of these titles, since it’s very known because of its theme and also because of the bonuses it has. There are many great advantages of this slot, which is why it has become one of the best worldwide.

Psycho has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Players can make a bet from 25 cents per spin. This slot is based on the movie Psycho, an American thriller/horror movie that was and still is very popular. This movie is one of Hitchcock’s best ones, and it made him even more famous. There are a lot of features available on this slot. The jackpot is 1,250 coins.

The graphics on this slot are brilliant and very good, which is definitely a great characteristic. This means that players can benefit from incredible graphics, soundtrack and also playability. This because having all of this makes the slot even better. The soundtrack has a thriller theme that fits perfectly the theme of the slot.

The features available on this slot are many, and are definitely very advantageous for the players. Something that players can take advantage of are the Psycho Wilds and these are added to the spins. If a players has a win with a wild during the normal game, then the win might be multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x or even 20x which is great. These multiplied are applied at random any time.

There are freespins as well. These are triggered when a player gets 3 or more scatters, which are the haunted house symbols. 3 of these symbols give the player 10 free spins, while 4 give 15 and 5 give 20 free spins. More wilds might appear on this feature something that is highly important since these wilds can always be multiplied by up to 40x.

Psycho is a slot that is available at many online casinos for players to play. This is a slot that many love because it has wilds, multipliers and also the freespins which are definitely great for them. This slot is wonderful and has all conditions for players, which means that anyone can play and won’t have any problem.

Choosing this slot is the best choice, especially because there is the possibility to win 1,500 the player’s stake which is totally incredible. Psycho is an appealing slot that gives players the opportunity to have a lot of fun, all of this while playing on an incredible slot. Play Now!

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