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Narcos - Slot Machine Review


Most likely, you've heard of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. This name will be remembered until the end of humankind. This man was guilty of many deaths. He's done this to maintain his cocaine empire and pursue his ambition to become the president of Colombia. Escobar became the wealthiest criminal in history worth about 30 billion US dollars by the time of his death. His cartel managed to monopolize the trade of cocaine to the United States in the 1980s and 1990s.


This game is based on the popular American drama series "Narcos".

It comes with a lovely looking intro which gives you a brief walk through the game features along with some beautiful art. The slot itself looks impressive! You have to spin the revolver cylinder to make a bet. Colors are neutral, and the entire experience seems to be quite comfortable for your eyes. The art and design look very similar to the famous Grand Theft Auto. If you have some excellent speakers or headphones, you better turn them up full blast to sense the whole mafia experience.

It gets even more exciting when it comes to the features of this brilliant game. During the main game is has a Locked Up feature - a mini-bonus game. It brings Escobar to a prison called La Catedral. He has built it for himself this luxurious prison when negotiating with the Colombian government.  Then it has a Drive-by feature transforming high paying symbols into wilds. This feature also gives you a look at how Pablo Escobar dealt with his daily challenges sending his thugs to take care of the business. And then, of course, those Free Spins.

Locked-Up Feature:

This feature can be triggered during the base game and. It is a mini bonus game where you activate it by getting three or more Locked Up symbols (the Pablo Escobar symbol) on the same row. Once the feature has triggered the Escobar symbols to start moving together and pay out a win value between 1x and 10x your total stake.

You will get a win-streak cluster mechanics based feature. It will initially start with three spins, where only Locked Up symbols and Golden Briefcase symbols appear on your reels. A winning cluster is then formed with three or more symbols connecting.

When the Escobar symbols connect, you get up to 10x your stake; if the Golden Briefcase connects one of the following three things will occur:

  • Multiplier - Coin values directly connected to the cluster can be multiplied up to x3
  • Upgrade Symbols - Multiple upgrade values that come in increments of 1x your total stake will add to the symbols
  • Big Starting Value - The Golden briefcase symbol will be given an extra starting value

When a new symbol connects to the existing cluster, your spin count will reset to 3. The feature ends when no more symbols connect to the cluster.

Drive-by Feature:

This feature can occur during the main game randomly with any spin. When the feature triggers, a cartel member shoots a few bullets from a getaway car onto your reels. Premium symbols will then turn into wilds.

Walking Wilds:

Walking Wild is triggered when a Wild symbol makes up a winning combination. The Wild then stays on the reel and moves horizontally one position left with every spin. It will continue until there are no more Wilds left on the screen.

Free Spins:

Free spins are triggered when you land three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5.  You will get ten free spins, and the Drive-by feature can also trigger during every spin. The Walking Wilds could also come into play to further your wins even more.

Sounds interesting? Then you should totally try it out!



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