Dracula Video Slot

In the opinion of many players, Net Entertainment does best to revive the famous masterpieces of the cinema, so among the favorites of many slots gamblers can find video slots Creature from the Black Lagoon , The Invisible Man , Scarface, and many others. Now add to this series and Dracula.


Probably not in the world a man who would never have heard about the most famous vampire of all time, Dracula. This Transylvanian prince during his life was marked by bloodlust, imposing peaks along the road the heads of their enemies. But he is known to us as a vampire who feeds on the blood of beautiful and young girls, to which the girl, according to the popular vampire saga, the claims do not have.


Dracula Video Slot has 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols, which is extremely unusual for a video slot from Net Entertainment. This playing field developers put 40 paylines! To make the rotation, of course, it is necessary immediately to all lines, but the rate of one coin is made directly on the two lines. Thus, in one rotation You can put up to 20 200 coins, each worth between 1 cent to $ 1. As a result, for a spin, you can tune the amount of 20 cents to $ 200, which is clearly likely to appeal to all types of players.


As always, NetEnt focused not on the number of functions and their quality. Therefore, the functionality does not confuse the player, but still brings a lot of variety in the game.

The game has a wild symbol is a standard that appears on the reels, and any symbols to complete winning combinations. But there is also a scatter symbol, which are in two forms: Dracula himself and the protagonist. It is their combination threatens to turn into a free spins.

However, apart from this there is another important feature that will accompany the players throughout the game session. It is known that in the animal world is a vampire bats. Naturally, these bats are drawn to Dracula, who is not averse to use magic, and turn into bats. This phenomenon has turned into a video slot Dracula in the original function.

From time to time, quite by accident, Dracula turns into a swarm of bats and attacks on the playing field. After that "attack" on many positions are the same image! Thus, increasing the chances for development of the multiple winning combinations.


Free Spins - a love story of a beautiful girl and a vampire. Once the image appears on reels two lovers, so once a player gets 10 free spins.

During the free spins the scroll will be no factors, but each spin the player will enjoy the transformation of Dracula in a swarm of bats. You can not even imagine how these eared and flying mini-vampires will help you get rich. They're able to supply after themselves and Wild symbols that could flood the whole board! Thus, you get close to the maximum gain.


The maximum gain in the video slot Dracula is 80 000 coins, or translated into the most expensive of them - $ 80,000! It's enough to swarm the bats turned all the characters in the field with the image of Dracula. This can happen in free spins mode, and more likely in the standard game that will be synonymous with a rare luck.


At the conclusion of the review of video slots Dracula should be noted that the device, as expected product NetEnt, has great graphics, interesting music, as well as the original function, which may soon become mainstream in slotostroenii.

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