Dead or Alive game

If you want to find a time when the Net Entertainment began producing masterpiece after masterpiece, it is unlikely that you will succeed because of the times do not remember the Internet old-timers. But it is known that Playtech is indulged in creating the same type of slot based on comic Marvel, NetEnt created his own reality gaming. Thus, in May 2009, was born video slot Dead or Alive.


The main symbol of the United States of the 19th century was the conquest of the Wild West. The endless savannahs, crossing deserts, the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders. During the "gold rush" in the development of the West rushed thousands of adventurers and simply enterprising people. And among all this "rabble" needed to restore order.

As you know, the order of the Western US have imposed sheriffs, who closely monitored to ensure that the pursuit of gold held fairly. So often the sheriff had to get his gun to put in place presumptuous bandits plundering the nearby mines and trains. It's about this gallant sheriff, who in the course of your gaming session will catch a gang of five attackers, and will be discussed in the video slot Dead or Alive.


In 2009, NetEnt has not calm down his trademark range of bets. Therefore, in the video slot Dead or Alive is a bit different from the examples of other devices. So, in the online slot machine has 5 reels and 9 paylines, and "oh, miracle!", The number of lines in this slot can be selected. For each selected line can be supplied from 1 to 4 coins value from 1 to 50 cents. Thus, one can tune the rotation from 1 cent to $ 18. I have to say this range will appeal to those who like to do a little or average rate per rotation.


Video slot Dead or Alive is fairly standard functionality in the standard game, as everything else is concentrated in free spins mode. Therefore, in a standard game has a wild and scatter only symbols.

Wild symbol appears on all reels and calmly adjusts to any combination, making it a winning one. At the same time, we note that only 9 lines, so often a wild will remain untapped. In this regard, some players prefer to play on one line, waiting for the loss of the bonus game.

The bonus game mode is represented by the free spins are activated when a 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols. 2 scatter symbols give a prize to two times greater than the rate.


At 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols you increase rate of 4, 25 and 2500 times, respectively. However, this is not the most important thing. When these combinations you will receive 12 free spins , winnings which will increase two-fold.

But functional free spins video slot Dead or Alive is not so poor. The main role act out a wild symbols. The fact that each Wild symbol that is presented in the form of investigative ads, after the appearance on the reels showing the name and image of one of the five bandits! And this is a wild symbol to the end of the regime of free spins on the spot, which appeared.

Such wildcard characters can gain quite a lot, and then you will have to follow all the criminals hanging there five investigative ads. If so, you will get additional 5 spins after the main. As it happens, you can see in the video at the bottom of the page.


The maximum gain can be obtained during the free spins mode. If all goes well, and you fill the entire reel wild symbols, then the maximum value of the coins you can win $ 54,000! To do this you will have to fall in love, and the sheriff's badge, after all, you'll be on the side of the law.


In the conclusion of this review should be noted that the video slot Dead or Alive is a good example of interesting free spins mode, which, however, is combined with a standard game. The theoretical rate of return of this online machine is quite high (96.8%), but far from ideal. Video Slot is suitable for all those who love ponostalgirovat, but not very functional to suffer from old slots.

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