KHL Playoffs 2019 betting tips - Review

KHL Playoffs 2019 betting tips.

It has been extremely interesting to watch KHL playoff series this year compared to the previous season where regular championship leaders smashed it. This season playoff results were very unexpected, for example, Salavat Yulayev left absolutely no chances for Avtomobilist who finished their regular season No. 1 in the Eastern Conference(4-1 in the series).

Similar happened in the first round, where 2008, 2009 and 2018 Gagarin Cup winner Kazan AkBars was defeated 4-0 by Avangard Omsk who in my opinion has all chances to win Gagarin Cup this year.

There were no extreme breakthroughs in the West this year, however the series were quite interesting to watch.

At this present moment, we are at conference finals. This is where it gets super exciting.

In the West, we have an army rivalry - CSKA Moscow against SKA St. Petersburg.

It is always very spectacular to watch these two highly qualified teams face each other.

SKA is a two times Gagarin Cup Winner and CSKA is definitely one of the strongest teams in the entire league. However, they weren't lucky or skilled enough to win a Gagarin Cup in the 10 years history of the KHL. Let’s see what happens this year.

CSKA was leading in the series after 2 games in Moscow, however, SKA tied the series after game 3 and 4 in St. Petersburg. All games were very close and so it’s really hard to predict who will win. Both teams have an incredible winning record and players who can create some quality scoring chances. Both are very strong on the powerplay and shorthanded.

So generally speaking this will be something we all must see.

Our prediction in the series would be CSKA to win as they are highly motivated and the next 2 games will be played on their home ice in Moscow.

In the east we have a battle of Omsk Avangard and Ufa Salavat Yulayev. Omsk came up very strong this season with their new coach Bob Hartley, who is a rookie coach for KHL but very experienced in general. There is quite a lot of new players in Avangard this year including a few Canadian legionnaires. Throughout this season Omsk team was showing a stronger play compared to previous seasons, thanks to positive changes made by Bob Hartley and a very good team effort.

Salavat Yulayev is a 2011 Gagarin Cup winner, made a few playoff appearances. This year Ufa team is showing better results and is known as a very offensive team. However, their offensive game style provides their opponent with some quality chances.

First game in the series was pretty close, with lots of scoring and ended 4-3 in overtime in favour of Avangard on the home ice. Second game Omsk defeated Ufa again 4-1 at home, but the third game in Ufa Salavat Yulayev won 5-1. Game 4 in Ufa turned out to be very tough with lots of scoring, fighting and penalties. It ended 4-2 in favour of Omsk Avangard. We think, in the series Avangard will win.

Our prediction for this years Gagarin Cup playoff finals is CSKA against Avangard, Avangard to win Gagarin cup.

CSKA had many attempts to win a cup, however, all attempts were unsuccessful. Avangard this season show a solid performance. We seen a lot of impressive comebacks from them and almost every time they need a goal, they get one. Omsk team coach also has a huge winning record including the most prestige hockey trophy - NHL Stanley Cup in 2000/2001 season.

So this year we think that Avangard will win the cup.

Good luck with betting guys and girls. Please remember to gamble responsibly.


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